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Results and FUN!!! – Dancers have amazing strength and flexibility because of hours spent working at their craft.  Barre classes are so popular because they work.  A typical Best Barre™ class will provide a whole mind-body workout.  Better balance, flexibility and improved posture are some of the amazing benefits of barre work, in addition to tight buns, toned arms and flat abdominals

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What makes Best Barre™ different?

Safety – Barre classes are the hottest new fitness trend! It seems classes are suddenly popping up everywhere, and barre instructors are created overnight. Best Barre™ is different. Our barre classes were meticulously designed by professional dancers and PMA Certified Pilates Instructors with client safety in mind. We've incorporated sound, tried and true safety principles in our choreography. These principles were devised by Joseph Pilates himself, who used his method to help dancers stay healthy and strong, and withstand the rigors of performing. Our instructors have the training and background necessary to modify our Best Barre tm choreography to keep it safe and accessible to clients of all fitness levels.

Creativity – Most barre classes offered at fitness centers and Pilates studios are franchised programs, meaning less variety for clients and less opportunity for creativity for instructors. Since Best Barre™ was created exclusively by Personal Best Pilates instructors, each instructor can put her special "twist" into her class design. And, since our choreography is not a purchased franchise, our clients will get less repetition and ultimately better results.


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